I know I’ve been slow with posts, but it was the end of the semester and then it was Chicago and then it was trying to relax a bit. So finally I’m bored of relaxing and remembered, “Oh yeah, I should update my blog!” Well, actually a friend of mine brought up that I’m horrible about updating blogs (and I am).

While in Chicago, my “Mock Firm” team from this past semester won Top American Firm and Top Marketing in the competition, so that was very exciting indeed. And while that was the reason for this trip and it was definitely awesome, looking back I remember a lot of the other stuff more.

Like how peculiar the hotel room was at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Pretty much every surface had the logo of the hotel on it. There wasn’t necessarily heating or air conditioning, just a couple fans with notes reading, “In Summer: if too warm, turn to high/ if too cold turn to low. In Winter: if too cold, turn to high/ if too warm turn to low.” The view was into a courtyard with no view. Everything was outdated, like walking into an old movie. We also later found out that the hotel was well known for being haunted, and I suppose that explained more than a few things.


Our hotel room. Real classy.



That night my friend and I took a sketchy 6-8 block hike from the Argyle-Red stop on the L to Hopleaf, a most amazing restaurant and bar, serving a vast variety of beers along some of the tastiest food to travel across my tongue. The macaroni and cheese was the best thing ever, and warmed me enough for the chilly hike back to the red line.


I will most definitely remember the nearly 2 mile walk to Navy Pier with a group of classmates. It was a lot of fun, but I hadn’t expected to be walking so far that day. Also, a friend of mine walks extremely fast, and keeping up with him is basically power-walking (people still do that, right?). When we got there we took a boat tour of the city, highlighting the outstanding (and not so outstanding) architecture of the city. I regrettably do not recall the name of the company who gave the tour, however they did serve us lemonade, coffee, and cookies.



And of course there was the bean…


Many of my friends know I’m a huge fan of good public transit, and when in a city including it, I take it without fail. It’s something I wish was everywhere, and if it was in my town, I probably would never use my car, or even own one. However, many Southern cities are being slow with the uptake of mass transit (other than questionable and unreliable busses). One thing I really loved about the L in Chicago is how much of it is elevated. This means that you don’t get that lovely subway stench (I actually love smelling it in NYC and feel that it’s part of the experience), and you get to see more of the city when riding the trains. Plus, getting some sunshine in is nice. I only wish the stops weren’t quite so spread out, as it results in copious amounts of walking, which is great and fine until you’ve spent the past 3 days walking and walking and walking and your feet feel like they’re close to saying “screw you” and leaving your body. But hey… it’s all in good fun, right? It’s not like I don’t sit enough writing this blog.



One night a group of us walked another 1.5 mile walk to Adler Planetarium (which I actually wanted to visit but was too busy and never got the chance). From here we were given a prime view of the city. However, it was nasty and rainy out. This did not make for prime walking nor prime photographing time. However, sitting down on a ledge, getting the ass of my pants wet, looking out at the city lining the lake at night was still magical and something that’s probably burned in my memory forever.



I really didn’t think I would enjoy Chicago as much as I did. I would definitely travel back there if I had the chance, or if I made the chance. So I leave you with some other sights of the city…


Water Tower


View from the Sears Willis tower. (They really need to clean those windows!)

Marshall Field’s Macy’s (This was taken from the 5th floor looking up)

Art Institute (tell me those don’t look like Lite Brite)

Art Institute new wing

Please do not use images without permission or giving credit. Thank you


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