New York, New York!

I really, truly love New York City, and I’m not sure there is any more magical time of year to experience the city than right around Christmas. The tree is up in Rockefeller Center, the city is decked out in its best finery, lights everywhere. The air is crisp and cold. There are people absolutely everywhere. And of course, all of the stores have extended holiday hours. And this just scratches the surface.

Pardon the fact that this post will be all Instagram captures. The next post will consist of normal photos.

For the second time I stayed in the Hudson Hotel. The hotel is situated in a very convenient location, within a block from Columbus Circle and the subway stop there. I also began to realize that I could walk to many, many places from here and didn’t even need to be riding the subway nearly as much as I was, though I really just love riding it. I always feel like I’m entering into somewhere special when going up the yellow-green lit escalators to the lobby of the hotel. The lobby area is magical, with vines on the ceiling and a huge, glistening chandelier. To your back is the Hudson Bar, with its lit floor and Ghost Chairs.

During our stay, we enjoyed two meals at the Hudson Hall restaurant in the hotel. It is self-serve cafeteria style, but in individual portions. The plates are somewhere between full portions and tapas. Everything we ate was outstanding, as were the drinks. Should you find yourself there wanting a drink, the Frida and Diego comes highly recommended. One night after dinner we transferred across the hotel to the Library Bar, which has a different atmosphere altogether. The Library feels like walking into a rich, old but new New York library in someone’s home, with books lining the upper part of the walls, and open books around the perimeter of the walls at arms reach level. A pool table is the focus of the center of the room, and a fireplace at the side adds warmth. The drinks served here are extra strong, so proceed with caution.

The standard rooms in the hotel are quite small, but very nice. My only real complaint was that the bed was so uncomfortable that I never got an entire nights sleep. I don’t know what was going on here, since I did not have the problem during my previous stay.

While I generally try to stay away from the crowded, touristy Times Square, on this trip it was the first stop made. There is something about the lights flashing everywhere, but the amount of selling going on around you is absolutely annoying.

The awesome part of Times Square? The stores here go ALL OUT. There is a Ferris Wheel in the Toys R Us, and a castle in the Disney store.

During this trip, we went someone I would normally have never thought about going. The Museum of Sex is definitely an interesting stop to make if you are in the area. Not for the conservative, the museum featured exhibits with pornography, toys, and even a focus on animal sex… yep… like on the Discovery Channel. It was definitely worth a good laugh. In the basement of the museum is, Oral Fix, an aphrodisiac bar. While I am not sure the drinks had any real effects, the atmosphere was dark and sultry and the drinks were delicious.

More photos to come soon!


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