It is rare, but every now and again good things come to those who wait. Like shoes, marked one hundred dollars off. Only your size left. Normally, by the time markdowns have occurred to the point that I can afford the shoes in questions, only sizes 6 and 7 are left, or maybe an 11. Not any size I can even pretend to wear. However, I had really wanted these shoes, and behold, they had my size left.

While it’s true that they’re no Prada, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, nor Chanel, I lusted after these for their simplicity and practicality. I wanted them because they screamed nothing, but would hug my feet with a certain demureness and yet a perfect dose of edge. I knew they’d go with nearly everything I owned, and that, except for smouldering summer days, they were practically season-less (minus the accompanying fluffy socks).

Here’s to the perfect hidden wedge black bootie. May you live on.



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